Our Pricing

Conference Online’s pricing is easy. You only pay for each person that registers for your event.

No Setup Fees

Conference Online will set up your event within 24-48 hours. Click on the “Get Started” button above so that we can begin your registration set up and allow you to commence accepting registrations! Alternatively if you don’t have time to complete the form simply email: info@conferenceonline.com.au and we will ring you for details of your event.


Full Support … Complimentary Help Desk

Available to all Conference Online users is our full support and complimentary help desk. Our team will assist and best advise how to make your event a success. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm.


  • $4.00 + GST  per person: Online Ticket with the collection of money. Includes all reports
  • $5.00 + GST  per person: Online Registration for Single Day Event/Gala Dinner/Formals. Includes all reports
  • $9.00 + GST  per person: Online Registration for Multiple Day Event/Exhibitions. Includes all reports
  • Credit Card Merchant/Service Fees: Visa and Mastercard 1.96% + GST
  • Credit Card Merchant/Service Fees: American Express 3.96% + GST
  • Refunds Conference Online will charge the registrant a refund fee of $25.00 + GST per refund usually charged to the registrant’s credit card except in circumstances where you make a refund direct to the registrant, in which case COL charges no refund fee


  • $9.00 + GST (if applicable) per submission
  • $15.00 + GST (if applicable) per submission if you require the Conference Online team to manage your submission process (liase with Authors, set ip Reviewers, process acceptances etc.


  • $5.00 + GST (if applicable) per membership per annum


  • $5.00 + GST per medium size badge (95mm x 86mm)
  • $6.00 + GST per large size badge (108mm X 147mm)Includes: Colour printing front and back, plastic ID wallet and black lanyard, alphabetically sorted, packaged and delivered (delivery charges not included)


  • $2000.00 + GST (if applicable) Conference Mobile Responsive, Traditional Website
  • $4,000.00 + GST (if applicable) Deluxe Site for business plus conference details for ongoing conferences
  • $50.00 + GST (if applicable) 2 year URL registration
  • $200.00 + GST (if applicable) site hosting per annum


  • Logo Design $350.00 + GST (if applicable), Includes 2 design concepts

Digital Marketing Material

  • Sponsorship Brochure
  • Conference Brochure
  • Call for Abstract Document $350.00 + GST (if applicable) Price is for first page design
  • Each page thereafter is a further $100.00+ GST (if applicable)

Other design services include:

  • Conference Programs
  • Pocket Programs
  • Door Signs & Direction Arrows
  • Awards & Attendance Certificates
  • Dinner Tickets & Table Place Cards
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