Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to install software, have any technical skills or programming knowledge to use Conference Online Registration Technology?
2. How do I access the information collected by the online system?
3. What if someone does not have access to the internet?
4. Which geographical areas do you serve?
5. Is the information in your database secure?
6. Who owns the information in the database?
7. Are there any setup fees of additional costs to use the Online Registration service?
8. Is there a minimum requirement for the number of registrants?
9. Is the online system suitable for workshops, small seminars and short courses?
10. Does the cost increase if we are using more sections of the registration form such as accommodation, tours and transfers or complex conferences with multiple registration types?
11. Can we use our own in-house organiser or a PCO when using the Online Registration package?
12. Can the registrations and reports be accessed anywhere, anytime?
13. Do the registrants have the ability to go back into their record to make any changes if necessary?
14. Does the system allow for registrants to request accommodation, flights and tours rather than selecting a pre-determined list?
15. Are there ‘Terms and Conditions of Registration’ listed on the online form and, if so, do the registrants have to confirm having read such conditions?
16. Does the system allow for registrants to pay by credit card, cheque, direct deposit/EFT, salary deductions, purchase order etc?
17. The system is available in multi-currency. Does it also provide a currency converter online for the convenience of registrants?
18. Can I provide certain registrants with discounted or complimentary registrations without all other registrants being able to view this?
19. If the event is cancelled, including through circumstances beyond your control, are there fees due to Conference Online?
20. Can name tags and attendee lists be made available for print using the online system?
21. Does the system allow multiple organiser logins to view reports and, if so, does this facility provide access restrictions?
22. Is the system able to handle limits and waitlists?
23. Can I add customised questions and request survey data using the online system?
24. What if an event is free? How are the online fees payable and how are we invoiced?
25. Can the online facility handle abstract submission and awards applications?

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Online team.


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