Abstracts Online

Abstracts Online Management Technology

Abstracts Online is a web-based solution that manages and automates the collection, distribution, reviewing and scoring of documents for all types of conferences. The application is tailored by the conference administrators and conference committee to meet the needs of their conference, meeting or event. Our clients use our Abstract Technology Solution along with our other technology applications to boost their conference experience.

Online Abstract Management Technology – Key Features

  • Abstracts Online is web based, mobile responsive technology requiring no software installation
  • We customize the technology to meet your conference needs
  • Fully branding in your company or conference name
  • Single or multiple abstracts or paper submission steps
  • Online reviewing and scoring
  • Online management of authors/speakers, reviewers and submissions

Authors and Speakers Control Panel

  • Specify co-authors
  • Upload submissions
  • Enable authors to make changes to submissions right up until the cut-off dates


  • Export Approved Abstracts
  • Unscored Articles Report
  • Scored Details Report
  • Article Export CSV (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Full Article Report

Review Control Panel

  • Blind, normal, peer or collaborative reviews
  • Web based reviewing, based on the customized criteria and assigned weightings
  • Multiple reviews per document

Abstract Control Panel

  • Brand the application with your name and logo
  • Set up any number of themes, streams or categories
  • Set up the equipment available to authors
  • Set presentation format options – oral, poster or keynote
  • Elect to receive submissions in a plain text or in a document template
  • Automatic e-mail communication with authors on re acceptance or rejection of papers

Benefits of abstracts management:

  • Reorganizes and simplifies the submissions, acceptance and review processes.
  • Communicate straight with the authors and reviewers through a refined and easy to use bulk email facility.
  • Save time by managing program committees, reviewers and authors along with other documents.
  • The data collected by Abstracts Manager can be incorporated with the existing information systems so as to store all conference related information in one place.
  • Retain the historical information for future evaluation and planning.
  • Reduce postage, printing and paper handling costs.
  • Reduce the chances of making mistakes, missing deadlines and losing abstracts.
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